Here is some background information about myself. My name is Dustin and I write, blog, review, post on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Everything that is Rock Meets Country is done by me, including this website. All opinions posted, good or bad (although I try to stick with the good) are solely mine.

I live in Southern California, just outside Los Angeles. I graduated from a small liberal arts school with my B.A. in Communications. My intention going into college was to get into Public Relations. I wrote for the campus newspaper, the magazine and worked on the school’s radio station. I loved radio and it was a great learning experience because they treated it like a real radio station.

In high school I was on the newspaper staff all four years and was the Editor in Chief my senior year. Writing was always something I’ve been drawn to, even in elementary and middle school I wrote books for the  Young Author’s program (all of which I still have!).

My current career does not allow me to write so I decided to start this blog as an outlet. Thank you for taking the time to read this and any of the other stories here at Rock Meets Country. I don’t know where exactly this is going but it’s definitely going somewhere!




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